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"Illness is a teaching, a message from the soul.

When the lessons are learned

the illness becomes a thing of no moment."​

-From Emmanuel's Book

Meet Christine

I was a highly sensitive child both emotionally and physically. In general, my sensitivity was treated as a weakness by my family and culture. A square peg in a round hole: my attempts to follow a conventional path created a great deal of dissatisfaction and suffering. 


Eventually, I began the long path of unraveling the mystery of my true nature as an intuitive and empath starting with the practices of yoga and meditation.

My deepest desire was to understand the nature of everything - seeking the greater Truth of beingness. 


When I found Vortex Healing in 2011, I immediately understood I had uncovered a rare gift. For me, this was the jackpot… A spiritual path with vast healing tools. Finally, I had the answers I had been seeking. It has been the greatest gift of my life. I have healed physically and emotionally, developed my intuitive skills, and deepened my connection to Spirit. I have traversed the road from hurting to healing to helping others.

As a healer, my aim is to be an ally - aiding clients in uncovering the patterns our challenges reveal. From time to time we need assistance in seeing the bigger picture. Awareness of our patterns can move us from feelings of overwhelm and confusion into clarity and conscious action.

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Christine recently did a clearing of our home, and we have been so pleased with the significant shift.   She truly made our our house feel more peaceful, clear, light, and like a tremendous weight had been lifted.  

We found ourselves breaking away from negative thought patterns and behaviors, and feeling a stronger sense of ownership of our surroundings.  Our dog's behavior also shifted significantly, she has been much more calm and at ease. 

It was really interesting, we embarked on several home improvement projects that we've been meaning to do for a while and we decided to consult an architect to get clarity on how to rework the basement. We also invested in some modest art for our home.  And we've been keeping our house cleaner.  It all seemed unrelated separately, but then cumulatively we realized the significant impact of the work!
Christine was responsive, punctual, and she took the time to really get to know our home, its history, and our specific needs.  I am grateful for her astonishing skills and talents!

-B. Pither

"I wasn’t sure a remote session would as powerful as an in-person one, but let me tell you it was amazing! I was recharged and unblocked afterwards. Christine even went the extra mile to work on some stubborn energy blockages. Christine is the real deal! I can't wait to get more healing from her!"

- H. Yothers

"When I came to Chris's vortex healing session I was experiencing some trauma symptoms that had been recently triggered.   During the healing, the inner kinks I was feeling completely dissolved.  By the end of the session, I was in a deeply relaxed state and felt more whole than I had felt in weeks."

-Laurie P.

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